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This page shows all the 2967 games that are currently playable with IA Launcher. The list is long, so be patient. Clicking on a game will directly download the ZIP file from Archive.org.

1000 Miglia 10th Frame 1830 1869 1942 - The Pacific Air War 1994Pool 1995 Card Game 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 21 for 1 to 4 221B Baker St 240 Racing 2400 A.D. 3-Demon 3D Body Adventure 3D Bomber 3D Cyberpuck 3D TableSports 3D World Boxing 3D World Tennis 4 Queens Computer Casino 4x4 Off Road Racing 4x4 Team 5th Fleet 688 Attack Sub 7 Colors A Train A.G.E. A.J.'s World of Discovery A10 Tank Killer (1) A10 Tank Killer (2) A320 Airbus Aaargh! Abuse Accordion Ace 2 Ace of Aces Aces of the Deep Aces of the Pacific Aces over Europe Acid Tetris Action Fighter Action in the North Atlantic Action Supercross Advanced Civilization Advanced Destroyer Simulator Advanced Tactical Air Command Advanced Thinking Skills Advantage Tennis Adventure of Tipi Adventures in Math Adventures in Time Adventures of Lance Adventures of Melvin Freebush Adventures of Robin Hood Adventures Of Willy Beamish Aethra Chronicles - Volume One - Celystra's Bane African Desert Campaign African Raiders-01 African Trail Simulator After Burner Aggression Air Bucks Air Force Commander WW2 Air Strike USA Airball Airborne Ranger Airforce Commander Airlift Airline Al Pond - Al Lives Forever Aladdin Albion Alcatraz Aldo Again Aldo's Adventure Alex Higgins World Snooker Alex the Allegator 2 Alf - The First Adventure Alf - World Of Words Aliants - The Desparate Battle for Earth Alice in Wonderland Alien Attack Alien Breed Alien Breed - Tower Assault Alien Cabal Alien Carnage Alien Fires Alien Legacy Alien Olympics Alien Phobia Alien Rampage Alien Syndrome Alien Trilogy Alien Worlds Alive Sharks All Dogs Go To Heaven All-American College Football Allan Border's Cricket Alley Cat Alone in the Dark Alone in the Dark 2 Alone in the Dark 3 Alpha Waves Alpine Tram Ride Alter Ego Altered Beast Altered Destiny Amado Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Spiderman and Captain America Doctors Dooms Revenge Amazon - Guardians of Eden Amazon Snake Amazon Trail Amberstar Ambush at Sorinor American Challenge - A Sailing Simulation American Gladiators Amok An American Tail - Fievel Goes West Ancient Art of War Ancient Art of War at Sea Ancient Art of War in the Skies Ancient Land of Ys Ancients 1 - Deathwatch Ancients 2 - Approaching Evil Animal Math Animal Quest Animated Memory Game Annihilator Tank Another World Anstoss Antagony Antarctic Adventure Antixonix Anvil of Dawn Apache Strike Apollo 18 - Mission to the Moon Apple Panic Apples & Oranges Aquanoid Aquaphobia Aquarius - An Aquatic Experience Arachnaphobia Arcade Fruit Machine Arcade Pool Arcade Trivia Archer Maclean's Pool Archery Archipelagos Archon Archon Ultra Arctic Adventure Arctic Baron Arcticfox Arcy 2 Are We There Yet - The Mallard Family's Puzzling Vacation Argo Checkers Arkanoid Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh Armada Armada 2525 Armaeth - The Lost Kingdom Armor Alley Armored Fist Armorik Armour-Geddon Arnie 2 Arthur - The Quest for Excalibur Artura Arya Vaiv Ascendancy Ashes of Empire Aspar GP Master Aspetra Assault Dragon Asterix & Obelix Astro Fire Astro-Grover Astro3D Astrotit Atlas Pathfinder Atomino Atomix Austerlitz Autka Autobots Autocrash Autoduel AV8B Harrier Assault Avalon Avenger Avish - Searching for the Exit Avoid the Noid Awesome Earl starring in Skate Rock Axe of Rage Axia Azalta - The Cult of the Raven B.A.T. B17 - Flying Fortress Baal Baby Jo in Going Home Back to the Future Part 2 Back to the Future Part 3 Backgammon Bad Blood Bad Dudes Bad Street Brawler Balance Balance of Power - Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age Balance of the Planet Ball Game Ball Race Ballgame 2 Ballistix Balloonz Bananoid Bandit Kings of Ancient China Banyon Wars Bar Games Barbarian Barbarian 2 Barbie Barbie - Super Model Bard's Tale Bard's Tale 2 - The Destiny Knight Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of Fate Bargon Attack Barney Bear Goes to School Barney Bear Goes to Space Baron Baldric - A Grave Adventure Baryon Baseball Basket Manager Bass Class Basstour Batman Forever Batman Returns Batman The Movie Battle Arena Toshinden Battle Bugs Battle Cheese Battle Chess Battle Chess 2 - Chinese Chess Battle Chess 4000 Battle Command Battle for Atlantis Battle for the Ashes 97 Battle Isle Battle Isle 2 Battle Master Battle of the Eras Battle on the Black Sea Battle Tank Battle Wrath Battlehawks 1942 Battles of Napoleon Battleship Bismarck Battlestar Battlestorm Battletech - The Crescent Hawks Inception Battletech - The Crescent Hawks Revenge Battlezone Beat The House Beauty and the Beast Beer Worm Beethoven's 2nd Beetlejuice in Skeletons in the Closet Below the Root Beneath a Steel Sky Beneath Apple Manor Berlin 1948 Bert and the Snake Best of the Best Betrayal Betrayal at Krondor Better Dead Than Alien! Beverly Hillbillies Beverly Hills Cop Beyond Armageddon Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Beyond Columns Bible Builder Big Bang Big Bob's Drive-In Big Business Big Game Fishing Big Red Racing Big Sea Big Three Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Billiards Simulator Billy The Kid Returns Bio Menace Bionic Commando Bip Bop 2 Birds of Prey Black Cauldron Black Gold Black Hole Black Monday Black Sect Blackjack (1) Blackjack (2) Blackstar - Agent of Justice Blackthorne Blade Warrior Blades of Steel Blake Stone - Aliens Of Gold Blake Stone - Planet Strike Blast Chamber Blasteroids Blitzkrieg at the Ardennes Block-Man 1 Block-Man 2 Block-o-Mania Blockage Blockout Blocks from Hell Blood Blood Bowl Blood Money Bloodnet Bloodstone - An Epic Dwarven Tale Blort! Blow Up Blue Angel 69 Blue Force Blues Brothers Blues Brothers - Jukebox Adventure Blupimania Bluppo Bob and His Amazing Journey Home Bob Morane - Chevalerie 1 Bob Winner Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Body Blows Bog Bolo Adventures Bomb'X Bomberman Bones Booly Boot Camp Bop'n Wrestle Boppin' Borsenfieber - Spielend spekulieren mit Geld und Aktien Boston Bomb Club Boulder Dash Boulder Dash 2 Boulderoid Bouncing Babies Box Ranger Brain Artifice Bravo Romeo Delta - Commonwealth Commander Breach Breach 2 Break Machine Breakfree Breakline Bridge Hopper Brix Bruce Lee Brutal Paws of Fury Brutal Sports Football Bubble Bobble Bubble Crack Bubble Ghost Bubble Pop Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom Buddyros Budokan - The Martial Spirit Bug Bomber Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure Bugworld Bully's Sporting Darts Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy Bundesliga Manager Professional Bunny Bricks Bureau 13 BurgerTime Burntime Burps Bus Empire Bush Buck - A Treasure Hunt Bushido - The Way of the Warrior Bust-a-Move Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space Cabal Caesar Caesar 2 Caitlyn's Destiny Calamari Cubes Calamari Cubes 2 California Games California Games 2 Campaign 2 Campanions Of Xanth Cannon Fodder Cannonade Capone Captain Bible Captain Blood Captain Comic Captain Dynamo Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Captain Spleen Captain Spleen 2 Captive Car and Driver Card Sharks Cargo Bay Deluxe Carl Lewis Challenge Carl Lewis' Go for the Gold Carmageddon Carnage Carriers at War Cartooners Casino Castle Master Castle of Dr. Brain Castle of Dr. Malvado Castle Wolfenstein Castles Castles Of Mew Castlevania Catacomb Catacomb 3-D Catacomb Abyss Caveman Ugh-Lympics Caverns of Xaskazien CD-Man Centerfold Squares Centurion Chagunitzu Chain Reaction (1) Chain Reaction (2) Champion of the Raj Champions of Krynn Championship Baseball Championship Boxing Championship Golf - The Great Courses of the World Championship Manager Chaos Engine Charge of the Light Brigade Charlie Chaplin Charlie the Duck Charlie the Duck 2 Charly the Clown Chess 88 Chessmaster 2000 Chessmaster 2100 Chex Quest Chex Quest 2 Chicago 90 Chinese Checkers Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Choose an Enemy Chopper Commando Chopper Duel Chuck Yeagers Air Combat Circuit's Edge Circus Quest Cisco Heat Civil War CJ in the USA CJ's Elephant Antics Clash of Steel Classic Concentration Clockwiser Cloud Kingdoms Clue Master Detective Clue! Clyde's Adventure Clyde's Revenge Coachs Club NFL Football Coaster Cobra Cobra Mission Code Europe Code Name - Iceman Cohort - Fighting for Rome Colonel's Bequest Color Balls Color Lines Colorado Columbus Discovery Comanche Combat Air Patrol Combat Course Combatrobo Zakato Combination Lock Command and Conquer Command H.Q. Commander Keen - Keen Dreams Commander Keen 1 - Marooned On Mars Commander Keen 2 - The Earth Explodes Commander Keen 3 - Keen Must Die! Commander Keen 4 - Secret of the Oracle Commander Keen 5 - The Armageddon Machine Commander Keen 6 - Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter! Commander Xeen Computer Ease Computer Underground Conflict - Middle East Conflict - The Middle East Political Simulator Conflict Europe Conflict in Vietnam Congo Bongo Connectris Connex Conquered Kingdoms Conquest Conquest Earth - First Encounter Conquests of Camelot Conquests of the Longbow Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory Contraption Zack Cool Spot Cool World Corridor 7 - Alien Invasion Corruption Corsarios Cosmic Crusader Cosmic Soldier - Psychic War Cougar Force Countdown Cover Girl Strip Poker Crack Down Crack of Doom Crash Garret Crazy Cars Crazy Cars 2 Crazy Cars 3 Crazy Cows Crazy Nick's Board Game Challenge Crazy Nick's Games of Skill and Chance Crazy Nick's Parlor Games Crazy Nick's Spaced Out Game Pack Crazy Shot Creepers Crillion 97 Crime City Crime Does Not Pay Crime Fighter Crime Time Crimson Crown Crisis in the Kremlin Crossbow Crosscountry Canada Crown Cruel World Cruise For a Corpse Crusade in Europe Crusher Crystal Caves Crystal Maze Crystal Pixels Crystals of Arborea Cubulus Cunning Football Curse Of Enchantia Curse of the Azure Bonds Cyber Law Cyber Marine Cyberbykes Cybercon 3 CyberRace Cycles - International Grand Prix Racing Cyril Cyberpunk Cyrus D-Day - The Beginning of the End D-Generation Daffy Duck, P.I. - The Case of the Missing Letters Dalek Attack Dam Busters Dan Dolme Dangerous Dave - Episode 1 - Dave's Risky Rescue Dangerous Dave - Episode 3 - Dave Goes Nutz Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion Dangerous Streets Dark Ages Dark Castle Dark Convergence Dark Designs 1 Dark Designs 2 Dark Heart of Uukrul Dark Legions Dark Side Darker Darkest Night Darklands Darkseed Darkspyre Darts! Das Boot Das Christkind Kommt David Wolf - Secret Agent Dawn Patrol Day Of Tentacle Day of the Viper Days of Thunder Dead of Night Deadly Racer Death Knights of Krynn Death Rally Death Sword Deathbringer Deathtrack Decathlon Decision in the Desert Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Deep Sea Diver Deep Space Defend the Alamo! Defender of the Crown Deja Vu 2 - Lost In Las Vegas Deluxe Ski Jump Demo Quest Demon Blue Demon Stalkers Demon's Tomb - The Awakening Demon's Winter Denomino Depth Dwellers Der Planer Descent Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf Design Your Own Train Designasaurus Designasaurus 2 Destination - Mars! Destroyer Destruction Derby Detroit Deus Devastator Dezerian Assignment Diamond Ball 3 Diamond Peter Dick Tracy Die Hard Die Hard 2 Dig Dig Dug Dig-Dogs - Dumm Gelaufen Dig-Dogs - Streetbusters Digger Diggers Digging for Buried Treasure Digging for Fossils Dime City Dino Sorcerer Dino Wars DinoPark Tycoon Dinosaur Adventure Dinosaur Predators Diplomacy Disc Discovering America Discovery - In the Steps of Columbus Discworld Dive Bomber Dizzy Dizzy - Bubble Dizzy Dizzy - Fantastic Dizzy Dizzy - Fantasy World Dizzy - Kwik Snax Dizzy - Magicland Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk DJ Puff Doctor Who Dog Fight Dominium Dominus Don't Go Alone Donald Duck's Playground Donald's Alphabet Chase Donkey Kong Doofus Doom 1 - The Lost Episodes of Doom Doom 1 - The Ultimate Doom Doom 2 Doom 2 - HacX Doom 2 - Master Levels for Doom 2 Doom 2 - Perdition's Gate Doom 2 - The Plutonia Experiment Doom 2 - The Plutonia Experiment 2 Doom 2 - TNT Evilution Dork's Dreams Double Dare Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone Downhill Challenge Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 Dr. Sleeptite and the Nightmare Factory Dracula Dracula in London Dragon Force Dragon Isles Dragon Lance Dragon Lord Dragon Strike Dragon Wars Dragon's Domain Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair - Escape from Singe's Castle Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp Dragon's Lair 3 - The Curse of Mordread DragonFly Dragons Dragonsphere Dragonworld Drak Drake Snake and the Secret Crypt Drakkhen Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 Dream Warrior Dreamweb Drum Blaster Dstroy Duck Hunt Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold Ducks Duke Nukem 1 - Episode 1 Duke Nukem 1 - Episode 2 Duke Nukem 1 - Episode 3 Duke Nukem 2 Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition Duke Nukem 3D - Duke it out in D.C. Duke Nukem 3D - Nuclear Winter Dune Dune 2 - The Battle for Arrakis Dune 2 - The Building of a Dynasty Dungeon Hack Dungeon Master Dungeon Master 2 - The Legend of Skullkeep Dungeon of Death Dungeon of Shalan Dungeons Of Duridian Dungeons of Kairn Dungeons of the Unforgiven Dusk of the Gods Dylan Dog Dylan Dog -Through the Looking Glass Dynablaster E.S.S. E.T. - No More Mr. Nice Alien Eagle Eye Mysteries Eagle Eye Mysteries in London Eagle's Rider Eamon Eardis Earl Weaver Baseball Earl Weaver Baseball 2 Earth Invasion Earthrise Earthsiege Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim 2 Eat It Echelon Eco Phantoms Ecstatica Ed Ward - Live Another Day Eddy & Co Eden Blues Edy Oliver - Into the Cave of Whistling Skulls EGA Trek EGA Walls Egaint Eight Ball Deluxe El Capitan Trueno El Fish Elder Scrolls - The Arena Electranoid Electro Body Electro Man Electronic Grammar Elements Elevator Elevators from Hell Elf Elite Elite Plus Elvira - The Arcade Game Elvira 1 - Mistress of the Dark Elvira 2 - The Jaws of Cerberus Emergency Mission Emmanuelle Empire Empire - Wargame of the Century Empire 2 - The Art of War Empire Deluxe Enchantasy - Quest for the Eternal Grimoire Enchanted Castle Encounter Enemy Lines Energie Manager Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea England Championship Special Entity Eol-ui Moheom Epic Epic Baseball Epic Pinball Eradicator Escape del Castillo de la Fisica Escape from Delirium Escape from Hell Escape from Markana Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Espana - The Games '92 Espionage Euchre European Championship 1992 Eurosoccer Evasive Action Evasive Maneuvers Evil Crypt Evolution Evolution - Lost in Time Executor 2 - The Magnificent Exodus Explora 2 Extase Exterminator Extractors Extreme Pinball Eye of Horus Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of Darkmoon Eye of the Beholder 3 - Assault on Myth Drannor F. Godmom F1 F117A F14 Tomcat F15 Strike Eagle F15 Strike Eagle 2 F15 Strike Eagle 3 F19 Stealth Fighter F29 Retaliator F40 Pursuit Simulator Fable Face Off! Face Trex Facts in Action Faery Tale Adventure Fahrenheit 451 Falcon Falcon 3.0 Falcon A.T. Fallen Angel Falsches Spiel mit Eddy M. Family Feud Fantasy Empires Fantasy Forest Fantasy General Farm Nightmare Fast Break Fast Food Fatal Challenge Fatal Fumes Fatal Racing Fate Father World Fatman Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise Ferrari Formula One Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun Fighter Bomber Fighter Wing Final Assault Final Battle Final Conflict Final Frontier Final Soccer Challenge Fire & Ice Fire and Forget Fire and Forget 2 Fire King Fire Zone Fire-Brigade Firehouse Rescue Firepower Firestorm! 2000 FireTeam 2200 First City of Alliance First Letters and Words First Person Pinball First Samurai Flagger Flame Storm Flashback Fleet Defender Fleet Sweep Flight Flight of the Amazon Queen Flight of the Intruder Flightmare Flintstones - Dino Lost in Bedrock FlixMix Floatris Floor 13 Flying Tigers Flying Tigers 2 Fooblitzky Fool's Errand Football Limited Ford Simulator Ford Simulator 2 Ford Simulator 3 Ford Simulator 5.0 Forever Legend Formula One Grand Prix Fort Apache Fortress of Dr. Radiaki Fountain of Dreams Four Crystals of Trazere Fourth Generation Fourth Protocol Fragile Allegiance Framed Frantis Freak Out Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist Free DC Freedom Friday Night Poker Club Frogger Frogger 2 Front Lines Frontier Fruit Salad Full Metal Planete Full Throttle Fun House Funball Funny Face too! Funny Fruits Fury of the Furries Future Classics Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf FX Fighter Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers Gadget - Lost in Time Galacta - The Battle for Saturn Galactic Battle Galactic Conqueror Galactic Gladiators Galactic Warrior Rats Galactix Galaxian Galleons of Glory Gals Games '92 - Espana Games - Winter Challenge Ganja Farmer Gateway Gateway 2 - Homeworld Gateway to the Savage Frontier Gateworld Gato Gauntlet Gauntlet 2 Gazza 2 GBA Championship Basketball Gear Works Geekwad Games of the Galaxy Geisha Gemstones 3 Genesia Genghis Khan (1) Genghis Khan (2) Genghis Khan 2 Genies Curse Gertrude's Secrets Getaway - Entertainment 6 Pack Ghostbusters Ghostbusters 2 Giana Sisters Giddy 3 - The Retro Eggsperience Girlfriend Construction Set Gladiator Global Conquest Global Domination Gloriana Go Simulator Goblins Goblins 2 Goblins 3 Goblins Quest 3 Gobman God of Thunder Godfather Gods Gold of the Americas Gold of the Aztecs Gold Rush Golden Axe (1) Golden Axe (2) Golden Basket Golden Eagle Golden Oldies - Computer Software Classics Gonzzalezz Goody Goofy's Railway Express Goonies Grailquest Grand Monster Slam Grand Prix 2 Grand Prix 500 Grand Prix Circuit Grand Prix Unlimited Grand Slam Bridge Grand Theft Auto Grandest Fleet Grandmaster Chess Grave Yardage Gravity Force Gravity Wars Great Courts Great Courts 2 Great Napoleonic Battles Great Naval Battles Great Naval Battles 2 Great Ultizurkian Underland Green Saucer Greens Gremlins Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1) Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (2) GT Racing 97 Guardians of Infinity Guerrilla War Guilty Guimo Guldkorn Expressen Gumboots Australia Gunboat Gunship Gunship 2000 Guy Spy H20 Half-Death - Terror at White Mesa Halloween Harry Halls of Montezuma Hammer Boy HammerHead Hamsters Hand of Fate Hank's Quest - Slachtoffer van het Gebeuren Hannibal Hanse Hard Drivin' Hard Drivin' 2 - Drive Harder Hard Hat Mack Hard Nova HardBall 2 HardBall 3 Harlem Globetrotters Harley-Davidson - The Road to Sturgis Harmony Hat Trick Heart of China Heat Wave Heavy Barrel Heavy Metal Heavy Water Jogger Heimdall Heimdall 2 Heirs to the Throne Helious Helious 2 Hell of Lemmings Hellfire Zone Hellraider Hera - The Sword of Rhin Heretic Heretic - Shadow of the Serpent Riders Hero (1) Hero (2) Hero Quest Heroes of the 357th Heroes of the Lance Hexen Hexsider Hextris Hexxagon Hexxagon 2 Hi-Octane Hidden Agenda High Command High Rollers High Seas High Seas Trader Highway Fighter Highway Hunter Highway Patrol 2 Hillsfar Hired Guns Historyline - 1914-1918 Hobbit Hocus Pocus Hole in One Hole in One - Miniature Golf Home Alone Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York Home Run Derby Homey D. Clown Honeymooners Hong Kong Mahjong Pro Hook Hopy-One Horde Horror Zombies from the Crypt Hoser Hostage Hot Rod Harry Hotshot Hound of Shadow House Guest - Teresa Hoverforce Hovertank How to Weigh an Elephant Hoyle Classic Card Games Hoyle Volume 1 Hoyle Volume 2 Hoyle Volume 3 Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers Hugo 2 - Whodunit Hugo 3 - Jungle of Doom Hugo's House of Horrors Huize 44 Queeste Human Killing Machine Humanoid Humans Hunch Hunt for Red October Hurl Hyper Tank! Hypercycles I Can Remember I Can't Believe It's Not Bomberman I, Damiano Ian Botham's Cricket Icarus Icon Icy Metal If It Moves Shoot It! Igor - Objective Uikokahonia Ikari Warriors Ikari Warriors 2 - Victory Road Il grande gioco di Tangentopoli Image Line Immortal, The ImpArea Imperium Impossible Mission 2 In Extremis Inanimate Racer Inca Inca 2 Incredible Machine Incredible Machine 1.5 Incredible Machine 2 Incunabula Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (2) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indianapolis 500 IndyCar Racing IndyCar Racing 2 Infestation Infiltrator Infiltrator II Inherit The Earth - Quest for the Orb Inner Worlds Innocent Until Caught Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget - Safety Patrol Intelligent Strategy Games 10 Interactive Girls Interceptor International Athletics International Karate International Open Golf Championship International Rugby Challenge International Soccer International Sports Challenge International Tennis International Tennis Open Interphase Into the Eagle's Nest Inva-taxi Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom IQ Master Iron Cross Iron Lord Iron Seed Ishar 1 - Legend of the Fortress Ishar 2 - Messengers Of Doom Ishar 3 - The Seven Gates of Infinity Ishido - The Way of Stones Island Hopper Island of Dr. Brain Island of Secrets Isle of the Dead Isle Wars Isometric Bomber Italy 1990 Izmir Tannoy Iznogoud J-Bird Jack Flash - Mutiny of the Things Jack in the Dark Jack Nicklaus Golf Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Jack The Ripper Jackson City Jagged Alliance Jai Alai James Bond 007 - A View to Kill James Clavell's Shogun James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod Jammit Jane's Advanced Tactical Fighters Janitor Joe Jasper's Journeys Jazz Jackrabbit Jazz Jackrabbit - Holiday Hare 1995 Jeopardy! Jeopardy! Sports Jeopardy! Super Jesus Matchup Jet Jet Set Willy JetFighter JetFighter 2 Jetpack Jetsons Jetsons - By George, in Trouble Again Jetstrike Jewels of Darkness Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw! Jill of the Jungle Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Jinxter Joan of Arc - Siege and the Sword Joe and Mac Joe Montana Football John Elway's Quarterback John Madden Football John Madden Football 2 Jolimie, le village maudit Jones in the Fast Lane Jonny Quest - Curse of the Mayan Warriors Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Journey Joust Joust VGA Joyous Rebel Jr. Pac-Man Jump 'n Bump Jump Jet Jump! Jumpjet Jumpman Jumpman Lives! Jungle Book Jungle Hunt Jungle Strike Jurassic Chess Jurassic Park Ka-50 Hokum Kaeon Kaiser Kampfgruppe Karateka Karnov Kasia Kasparov's Gambit Keef the Thief Keke 2 Ken Ken's Labyrinth Keno Keys to Maramon KGB Kick Boxing Kick Off 2 Kick Off 3 Kick Off 96 Kicks Kid Kid Pix Kid's Kards Killerball Killing Cloud Kiloblaster King of Chicago King's Bounty King's Quest King's Quest 1 VGA King's Quest 2 King's Quest 3 King's Quest 4 King's Quest 5 King's Quest 6 King's Quest 7 Kingdom of Syree Kingdoms of Germany Kingmaker Kingpin Kings of the Beach Kix Klass of '99 Klax Knight Force Knight Games Knight Orc Knightmare Knights and Kings Knights of Legend Knights of the Desert Knights of Xentar Kong Koolah Koshan Conspiracy Kret Kristal Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox Krusty's Super Funhouse Krymini Krypton Egg Kurtan L'Affaire L'Aigle d'Or - Le Retour L'Empereur L-Man L.A. Crackdown L5RC La Cosa Nostra La Espada Sagrada LA Law Ladder Man Lakers vs. Celtics Lala the Magical Lamborghini - American Challenge Lamers Lands of Lore - The Throne of Chaos Lane Mastodon vs. the Blubbermen Larax and Zaco Las Vegas EGA Casino Laser Chess Laser Light Laser Surgeon - The Microscopic Mission Lasermania Laserwars Lasse Holm - The Quest for Revenge Last Action Hero Last Eichhof Last Half of Darkness Last Half of Darkness 2 Last Knight in Camelot Last Mission Last Ninja Last Ninja 2 Laura Bow - The Dagger of Amon Ra Le Fetiche Maya Le Grand Manitou Le Maitre Des Ames Learn to Add Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 Legacy Legacy of the Ancients Legend Legend of Faerghail Legend of Kyrandia Legend of Myra Legend of the Silver Talisman Legends of Murder Leisure Suit Larry Leisure Suit Larry 1 Leisure Suit Larry 2 Leisure Suit Larry 3 Leisure Suit Larry 5 Leisure Suit Larry 6 Lemmings Lemmings 1 - Oh No! More Lemming Lemmings 1 - XMas Lemmings Lemmings 2 - The Tribes Lemmings 3 - All New World of Lemmings Lemmings 3D Lemmings 3D - Winterland Lemmings at War Les Inseparables Les Manley - Lost in LA Les Manley in Search for the King Les Passagers du Vent Lethal Tender Lethal Weapon Lettrix Lexi Cross LHX Attack Chopper Liberty or Death Licence to Kill Life and Death Life and Death 2 - The Brain Light Corridor Lightspeed Line Wars 2 Links Links 386 Pro Lion King Litil Divil Little Big Adventure Little Fighter Little Willy Livingstone Livingstone 2 Llamatron 2112 Loader Larry LockerGnome Quest Locomotion Lode Runner Lode Runner - The Legend Returns Log!cal Logo Lollypop Lombard RAC Rally London Lone Eagle - Colombian Encounter Loom Loopy Loopz Lord Avalot Lord of the Rings Lord Of The Rings Vol. 1 Lord of the Rings Vol. 2 Lords of Conquest Lords of Doom Lords of the Realm Lost Admiral Lost Dutchman Mine Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes Lost In Time Lost Patrol Lost Secret of the Rainforest Lost Vikings Lotus - The Ultimate Challenge Lowblow Lucky Luke (1) Lucky Luke (2) Lucky's Casino Adventure Luigi and Spaghetti Luigi en Circusland Lumpies of Lotis 5 Lunar Command Lunar Explorer A Space Flight Simulator Lure of the Tempress M Labyrinth M.G.T. M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport M1 Tank Platoon Macadam Bumper MacArthur's War Mach 3 Machiavelli the Prince Mad Man Mad Mazes Mad TV Madspace Magic Boy Magic Candle Magic Candle 2 - The Four and Forty Magic Candle 3 Magic Carpet Magic Carpet 2 Magic Crayon Magic Johnson's Basketball Magic Maycabs Magic Pockets Magnetic Mah Jongg Major Stryker (1) Major Stryker (2) Maker's Matchup Malaga Mambo Manchester United - Premier League Champions Manhole Manhunter - New York Manhunter - San Francisco Maniac Mansion Manic Karts Manic Mansion Mario and Luigi Mario Brothers VGA Mario is Missing Mario Teaches Typing Mario's Game Gallery Marshmallow Duel Martian Dreams Martian Memorandum Mass Destruction Master of Magic Master of Orion Master of Orion 2 Masterblazer MasterMind Match Day Manager Match-It Math Blaster Plus! Math Rabbit Math Rescue Episode 1 Math Rescue Episode 2 Matmania Matrix Cubed Matter of Time Matterhorn Screamer! Maupiti Island Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing McDonald Land Mean 18 Mean Mini Golf Mean Streets MechWarrior Medieval Warriors Mega Blast Mega lo Mania Mega Man Mega Man 3 Mega Man X Mega Math Mega Phoenix Megaboulder MegaDestroyer Frantis Megafortress Megapede! MegaTraveller MegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the Ancients Megatron VGA Mel Odius goes Six String Searchin' Melody Master Memory Hog Hunter Menace Merchant Prince Merlin Metal Gear Metal Mutant Metaltech Battledrome Meteor Mission Metropolis Miami Vice Mice Maze Mice Men Mice Moves Michael Jordan in Flight Mick Mickey's ABC's Mickey's Colors and Shapes Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles Mickey's Memory Challenge Mickey's Runaway Zoo Mickey's Space Adventure Micro Bucks 2 - An Electronic Marvel Micro League Baseball (1) Micro League Baseball (2) Micro League Baseball (3) Micro League Football MicroMachines MicroMachines 2 Micropede Microsoft Flight Simulator Microsoft Space Simulator Midway - The Battle that Doomed Japan Midwinter Midwinter 2 MiG-29 MiG-29M Might and Magic - Clouds of Xeen Might and Magic - World of Xeen Mighty Bombjack Mike Ditka Ultimate Football Mille Bornes Millennium - Return to Earth Millionaire - The Stock Market Simulation Mind Castle - The Spell of the Word Wizard Mind Castle 1 Mind Castle 2 Mind Mirror Mind Prober Mindbender Mindfighter Mindroll Mindshadow Mine Bombers Miner VGA Mines of Titan Mini Golf 3D Mini-Putt Mirage Thunder Miramar Missing Dots Matrix Mission Critical Mission Impossible Mission UFO - A Solar System Odyssey Mixed-Up Fairy Tales Mixed-Up Mother Goose (1) Mixed-Up Mother Goose (2) Modem Wars Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony Moktar MoleZ Monday Night Football Monkey Business Monkey Island 1 - The Secret of Monkey Island (EGA) Monkey Island 1 - The Secret of Monkey Island (VGA) Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge Monopoly Monsoon Monster Bash Monster Math Monte Carlo Baccarat Monty Python's Flying Circus Monuments of Mars! Monzie's Mansion Moon Blaster Moon Bugs Moon Patrol Moonbase Moonshine Racers Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight Moonwalker Moraff's World Morkin 2 Mortadelo y Filemon 2 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Pong Moses Matchup MOT Motocross Motor City Motor Mash Motorbike Madness Mr. Ant Mr. Boom Mr. Pacford Mr. Pibb Ms. Pac PC Ms. Pac-Man Mulan - The Original Munsters Murder Club Murder in the Museum Murder on the Atlantic Murder on the Zinderneuf Murders in Space Murders in Venice Museum Madness Mushroom Mania Music Master Mutan Zone Muzzle Velocity MVP Bridge Mysterious Song Mystery at the Museums Mystery Master - Murder by the Dozen Mystery of the Mummy Mystic Towers Mythos N.Y. Warriors Nahlakh Nam 1965-1975 Napoleon in Russia - Borodino 1812 Napoleon vs. The Evil Monarchies - The Battle of Austerlitz Narco Police NASCAR Challenge NASCAR Racing NASCAR Racing 2 National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 Navy Strike NBA Jam - Tournament Edition NCAA - Final Four Nebulus Nectaris Need for Speed Negro Nephis Quest Netherworld Netwars 1 NetWars 2 Network Q RAC Rally Neuromancer Never Ending Story 2 Never Mind New Year's Mystery NFL Football NFL Pro League Football NFL Video Pro NHL Hockey Nicky Boom Nigel's World Night Breed Night Mission Pinball Night Raid Night Shift Night Stalker NightHunter Nightmare on Elm Street Nine Princes in Amber Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden 2 - The Dark Sword of Chaos Ninja Rabbit Ninja Rabbits Nippon Safes Inc. Nitemare 3D No Exit No Greater Glory - The Civil War Nobunaga's Ambition 2 Nogginknockers Nogginknockers 2 Nomad North and South Notrus Nova 9 Nova Light Tetris Now You See It Nuclear War Number Fun 1 Number Munchers Numlo Nurmans Nyet 3 - The Revenge of the Mutant Stones O-Pong Oberon 69 Obitus Objection! Obliterator Ocean Battle Ocean Trader Off Road (1) Off Road (2) Off Shore Warrior Oil Barons Oil Imperium Oil's Well Oligopoly Oliver and Company Omar Sharif on Bridge Omega Omnicron Conspiracy On the Ball - World Cup Edition Once Upon a Forest Once Upon A Time One Hundred and Twenty Degrees Below Zero One Must Fall One Must Fall 2097 One on One One Step Beyond Onesimus - A Quest for Freedom Oo-ToPoS Operacion Cyborg Operation - Cleanstreets Operation Body Count Operation Carnage Operation Combat 2 - By Land, Sea and Air Operation Crusader Operation Europe - Path to Victory 1939-45 Operation Frog Operation Harrier Operation Wolf Orbiter Orbits Oregon Trail (1) Oregon Trail (2) Orel Hershiser's Strike Zone Origamo Orion Odyssey Orion Project Ortomania Ortotris Oscar Osiris Out of This World Outer Ridge Outlaw Outrun Over the Net Overdrive OverKill Overlord (1) Overlord (2) Oxyd Oxyd Extra P 47 - The Freedom Fighter P.H.M. Pegasus Pac PC 2 Pac-in-Time Pac-Maine Pac-Man PAC2000 Pachisi Pacific Strike Pacific War Paganitzu 1 - Romancing the Rose Paganitzu 2 - Quest for the Silver Dagger Paganitzu 3 - Jewel of the Yucatan Pako Pako 2 Paku Paku Paladin 2 Pang Pangea - Return to Planet Earth Pango Panic Soldier Panthers in the Shadows Panzer Battles Panzer General Paperboy Paperboy 2 Papu's Odyssey Paragliding Paragon Paratrooper (1) Paratrooper (2) Patrician Patriot Command Patton Strikes Back Patton vs. Rommel Paul's First Journey PC Darts PC Pool PC Rally PC USA PC-Man PCBowl Pea Shootin' Pete Pee and Gity Special Penthouse Electric Jigsaw Penthouse Hot Numbers Per.Oxyd Perestroika Perfect General Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder Pete Rose Pennant Fever Peter Pan PGA Tour Golf Phantasie Phantasie 3 - The Wrath of Nikademus Pharao Pharaoh's Revenge Pharaoh's Tomb Phylox Pick 'n Pile Pickle Wars Pictionary PilgrimQuest Pim-Pam-Pum Pinball 2000 Pinball Construction Set Pinball Dreams Pinball Dreams 2 Pinball Dreams Deluxe Pinball Fantasies Pinball Wizard 2000 Ping Pong Pipe Mania Pipes Piranha Pirates Gold Pirates! Pit-Fighter Pitstop 2 Pizza Connection Pizza Tycoon Pizza Worm Plague of the Moon Plan 9 From Outer Space Planet Football Planet of Lust Planet's Edge Platoon Player Manager 2 Playhouse Strippoker PlayMaker Football Playroom Pocahontas Pocket Rockets Poker Galore Pole 500 Pole Chiudes Pole Position Pole Position 2 Police Quest Police Quest 1 VGA Police Quest 2 Police Quest 3 Police Quest 4 Pong Kombat Poogaboo Pool of Radiance Pool Shark Popcorn Popeye 2 Popo Car Populous Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods Porntris Portal Ports of Call Pothead Quest Powball Power Dolls Power Drift Powerdrive Powerdrome PowerMonger Powerslave Prawo krwi Predator 2 Pref Club Prehistorik Prehistorik 2 Premier Manager Premier Manager 2 Premiership - Football Management Game Price is Right Primal Rage Prince of Evil Prince of Persia Prince of Persia 2 Princess Maker 2 Prisoner of Ice Privateer Pro Tennis Tour Professional Tennis Simulator Professional Yamb Prohibition Project - Space Station Project - Weltuntergang Project Neptune Project X Prophecy Prophecy - The Viking Child Prophecy 1 - The Fall of Trinadon Prophecy of the Shadow Prost Grand Prix 1998 Protostar - War on the Frontier Prowler Przeklenstwo Proximy Psi5 Psycho PT 109 Pub Pool Pulse Pump Fighters Punisher Pure Wargame Purple Saturn Day Pushover Putty Squad Puzznic Pyramids of Egypt Q-bert QIX Quadnet Quadralien Quadrel Quake Quake - Mission Pack No. 1 Quake - Mission Pack No. 2 Quarantine Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science Quarter Pole Quest for Glory 1 Quest for Glory 1 VGA Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War Quest for Glory 4 - Shadows of Darkness Quest for the Time-Bird Quest of Kwirk's Castle Questron 2 Quien es Cualo Quik Majik Adventure Quik the Thunder Rabbit Quink Quiver R-Activ R.A.M. R.B.I. Baseball 2 R.S.A. Darts Race for the West Race! Rack 'Em Rad Rad-Warrior Radix - Beyond the Void Rags to Riches Raiden Raily 1.02 Raku Master Rally Championship Rally Sport Rambo 3 Rampage Rampart Ranx Rapid Response Raptor - Call of the Shadows Rastan Rath-Tha Ravage Ravenloft - Strahd's Possession Rayman Reach for the Skies Reach for the Stars Reach Out for Gold Reader Rabbit Reader Rabbit 1 Reader Rabbit 3 Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters Realms Realms of Arkania Realms of Chaos Reaping the Dungeon Rebel Moon Red Baron Red Crystal Red Hell Red Lightning Red Storm Rising Redhook's Revenge Redneck Rampage Redneck Rampage Rides Again Reel Fish'n Reflex Point Regatta Relix! Reloaded Remote Control Rendezvous with Rama Renegade Rescate en el Golfo Rescue Rescue Rover Rescue Rover 2 Retribution Return of Medusa Return of the Dinosaurs Return of the Mutant Space Bats Return of the Phantom Return to Zork Reunion Revelation! Revenge of Defender Revenge of the Mutant Camels Reversi Rex Nebular Rick Dangerous Rick Dangerous 2 Riders of Rohan Ring Cycle Rings of Medusa Rings of the Magi Rings of Zilfin Riptide Rise of the Dragon Rise of the Robots Rise of the Triad Risk Risky Woods Road Runner Roadwar 2000 Robinson's Requiem Robix RoboCop 3 Roboman Robomaze RoboMaze 2 - The Lobby RoboMaze 2 - The Penthouse Robomaze 3 - The Final Journey Robot 3 - Insel der Heiligen Prufung Robot Rascals Robotron 2084 Robotropolis Rock and Bach Studio Rock Man Rock Rush Rock'n Roll Rock'n Roller Rocket Chase Rocket Raid Rocket Ranger Rocket Rangers Rocketeer Rockford Rocky's Boots Rodeo Games Rodge Rock in Retroactive Rodger Ramrod Rodney's Funscreen Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman Roller Coaster Rumbler Rollerblade Racer Rollin Rolling Jack Rolling Ronny Rollo and the Brush Brothers Romance of the Three Kingdoms Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3 Rome - Pathway to Power Rommel - Battles for North Africa Rooms of the Abyss Rooster Rosemary West's House of Fortunes Rotox Roulette Rubic Ruckus Roulette Rugby League Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement 2 Run the Bunny Runaway  (1) Runaway (2) Runaway City Rush'n Attack Russian Front 2 - The Kursk Campaign Ryder Cup - Johnnie Walker S.C.Out S.T.U.N. Runner Sabre Team Safari Guns Safe Opening Simulator Sailing Sam and Max Hit the Road Same or Different Samotnik Sands of Fire Sango Fighter Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio Santa's Xmas Caper Saper Sarakon Sarge Sargon 5 - World Class Chess Savage Savage Empire Savage Future Scapeghost Scavengers of the Mutant World Science Adventure Scoop Scooter's Magic Castle Scorched Earth Scorched Planet Scottish Open Carnoustie Virtual Golf Scrabble (1) Scrabble (2) Scrooge Scubaman's Quest Scud Atak 2 SDI Sea Hunt Sea Quest Sea Rogue Sea Run Sea Search Sea Wolf Seal Team Second Front - Germany Turns East Secret Agent 1 Secret Agent 2 Secret Agent 3 Secret Codes of Cypher - Operation Wildlife Secret Island of Dr. Quandary Secret of the Silver Blades Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe See the U.S.A. Seek and Destroy Sensible Golf Sensible Soccer Sensible Soccer - International Edition Sensible Soccer - World of Soccer Sentinel Serpentine Serpy Serve & Volley Settlers Settlers 2 - Gold Edition Settlers 2 - Veni Vidi Vici Seven Cities of Gold Seven Spirits of Ra Sex Vixens From Space Sextris Sexy Droids Seymour Goes to Hollywood Shadow Caster Shadow Knights Shadow of the Comet Shadow of Yserbius Shadow President Shadow Sorcerer Shadow Warrior Shadowforce Shadowgate ShadowLands Shadoworlds Shadows of Mordor Shamus Shanghai Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye Shapeshifter Shard of Spring Sharkey's 3D Pool Sharks VGA Shawl Shenanigans Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Sherman M4 Shiftrix Shiloh - Grant's Trial in the West Shinobi Shogi Master Shogun (1) Shogun (2) Shooting Gallery Shufflepuck Cafe Shultz's Treasure Shuttle - The Space Flight Simulator Sid and Al's Incredible Toons Sid Meier's Civilization Sid Meier's Colonization Sid Meier's Covert Action Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon Deluxe Side Arms SideWinder Siege Sila's Quest Silent Hunter Silent Service Silent Service 2 Silent Shadow Silly Master Blaster Silpheed - Super Dogfighter Silverball Sim City Sim City Classic SimAnt SimCity 2000 SimEarth SimFarm SimHealth SimIsle SimLife Simon the Sorcerer Simon the Sorcerer 2 - The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe Simpsons Simpsons - Bart Simpson's House of Weirdness Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants Simpsons Tetris Simusex Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Sink or Swim Sir Add-A-Lot's Mini Math Adventure Skate or Die! Ski or Die Skull Quest 1 - The Cyan Sarcophagus Skull Quest 2 - The Vortex Skunny Skunny - Back to the Forest Skunny - Lost in Space Skunny - Save Our Pizzas Skunny - Wild West Skunny Kart Skweek Sky Cat Sky Runner Sky Shark SkyChase Skyfox 2 Skyroads (1) Skyroads (2) SkyRoads Xmas Special Skyworker Slam 'n Jam '96 Slater and Charlie Go Camping Sleeping Gods Lie Sleepwalker Slicks 'n' Slide Sliders Slipstream 5000 Slob Zone 3D Slordax - The Unknown Enemy Slugger Smurfs Snake Battle Snaker Snap Dragon Snoopy and Peanuts Snoopy's Game Club Snowstrike Sobor Soccer Soccer Superstars Soccer Team Manager Soko-Ban Sokoban 1994 Solar Hockey League Solar Winds 2 Solidarnosc Solitaire Royale Solitaire's Journey Solitare Solomon's Key Son of the Empire Sorcerer Lord Sorcerian Sorry! Soul Crystal Soviet Space 1889 Space Ace Space Ace 2 Space Adventure Space Breaker - Defender of the Planet Earth Space Commanders Space Crusade Space Dude Space Fortress Space Harrier Space Hulk Space Invaders Space MAX Space Miner (1) Space Miner (2) Space Quest - The Lost Chapter Space Quest 1 Space Quest 1 VGA Space Quest 2 Space Quest 3 Space Quest 4 Space Quest 5 Space Quest 6 Space Racer Space Rogue Space Station Escape Space Station Oblivion Space Strike Space Vegetable Corps Spaced SpaceKids Spacewar Spear End of Destiny Spear of Destiny Spear Resurrection Special Forces Spectre VR Speed Haste Speed Racer Speed Zone Speedball Speedball 2 Spell It Plus! Spellcasting 101 - Sorcerers Get All the Girls Spellcasting 201 - The Sorcerers Appliance Spellcasting 301 - Spring Break SpellCraft - Aspects of Valor Spellcross Spelling Fun 1 Spelljammer - Pirates of Realmspace Spider Boxer Spider Run Spirit of Adventure Spirit of Excalibur Spiritual Warfare Spirou Spit Wad Willy Splat Splat! SplayMaster Splitterwelten Spoils of War Sporting News Baseball Sports Spectacular Spot SPS PC Spy Hunter Spy Master Spy's Adventures in Europe Spy's Adventures in North America Spy's Adventures in South America Spyder Squarex Squarez Deluxe! SRA Sram Stack Up Stalker Star Breaker Star Castle PC Star Chamber Star Command Star Command Revolution Star Control Star Control 1 and 2 Star Control 2 Star Control 3 Star Fleet 2 - Krellan Commander Star Goose! Star Hammer Star Legions Star Lord Star Lords Star Mines 2 - Planet of the Mines Star Quest 1 in the 27th Century Star Reach Star Trek - 25th Anniversary Star Trek - Classic Star Trek - Combat Arena Star Trek - First Contact Star Trek - Judgement Rites Star Trek - The Final Frontier Star Trek - The Last Generation Star Wars (1) Star Wars (2) Star Wars - Dark Forces Star Wars - Tie Fighter Star Wars - X Wing Star Wars Chess Starball Starblade Stardust (1) Stardust (2) Starflight Starflight 2 Stargate Starglider Starglider 2 Stargunner Starquake Steel Panthers Steel Thunder Steg Stellar 7 Stellar Conquest 3 Stick Fighter 1 Stickybear Town Builder Stix World Stock Market Stone Age Stones Storm Across Europe Storm Master Stormlord Stormovik - The SU-25 Soviet Attack Fighter Stratego Street Ball Street Fighter Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers Street Fighting Man Street Rod Street Rod 2 Street Wolf 1 Strider Strife Strike Aces Strike Commander Strike Squad Striker Striker '95 Strip Poker Strip Poker 2+ Strip Poker 3 Strip Poker Deluxe Stronghold Stunt Car Racer Stunt Driver Stunt Island Stunt Jumper Stunt Track Racer Stunts Styx Su-27 Flanker Sub Battle Simulator Sub Fury!! Subhunt Subtrade - Return to Irata Suburban Commando Subwar 2050 Summer Challenge Summoning Supaplex Super Ball! Super Beemger Super Bubble Mania Super Cauldron Super Fly Super Hang-On Super Munchers Super Noah's Ark 3D Super Password Super Ski 0 Super Ski 1 Super Ski 2 Super Ski 3 Super Solvers - Ancient Empires Super Solvers - Gizmos and Gadgets Super Solvers - Midnight Rescue Super Solvers - Operation Neptune Super Solvers - Outnumbered Super Solvers - Spellbound Super Solvers - Treasure Cove Super Solvers - Treasure Galaxy Super Solvers - Treasure MathStorm Super Solvers - Treasure Mountain Super Space Invaders Super Speed Super Tetris (1) Super Tetris (2) Super VGA Puzzle Super Worms Supercars International Supercopter Superfrog Superhero - League of Hoboken SuperKarts Superman - The Man of Steel Superstar Soccer Supremacy Surf Ninjas Sushi-X Swap Sword of Aragon Sword of Honour Sword of the Samurai Sword Quest 1 - The Search Sword Quest 2 - Tale of the Talisman Swords of Glass Syndicate Syndicate Wars System Shock Tactical Manager Tag Team Wrestling Take Down Taking of Beverly Hills Talisman - Challenging the Sands of Time Tamper Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizard Apprentice Tank Attack Tank Commander Tank Wars (1) Tank Wars (2) Tanks Destroyer Targhan Task Force 1942 Tass Times in Tonetown Tasty Temple Challenge Tau Ceti Taxi Run Teaching Tiles Team Suzuki Team Yankee Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3) Teenage Queen TeenAgent Tele-Soccer Telengard Tempest 2000 Temple of Apshai Trilogy Tempt-Tris Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B. Tennis Cup Tennis Cup 2 Tennis Elbow Tera Teradyne Terminal Terror Terminal Velocity Terminator Terminator - Future Shock Terminator - Rampage Terminator 2 - Judgement Day Chess Wars Terminator 2 - Judgment Day Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game Terminator 2029 Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri TerraFire Terror in Christmas Town Terror of the Catacombs Tesserae Test Drive Test Drive 2 - The Duel Test Drive 3 - The Passion Test Drive Off Road Tetcolor Tetriller Tetripz Tetris Tetris Classic TFX Th!nk Cross The Blue and The Gray Theatre of Death Theatre of War Their Finest Hour - Battle of Britain Theme Hospital Theme Park Theme Park Mystery Thexder Thexder 2 - Firehawk Think Quick! Third Courier Thomas the Tank Engine Threat Three Point Basketball Three Stooges Throwland Thud Ridge - American Aces in 'Nam Thunder Blade Thunderchopper Thunderstrike Tie-break Tigers on the Prowl 2 Tiles of the Dragon Time and Magik Time Bandit Time Race Time Riders in American History Time Slaughter Time to Die Timequest Times of Lore TinTin - Prisoners of the Sun TinTin In Tibet TinTin on the Moon Titan Titanic Titus the Fox - To Marrakech and Back TKO Toad Tobiah's Quest Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry - Cat-astrophe Tom and the Ghost Tom Landry Strategy Football Tom Long - The Time Adventure Tomahawk Tomb Tomb Raider Tongue of the Fatman Toobin' Top Secret Total Carnage Total Eclipse Tour 91 Tower Toppler Towers (1) Towers (2) Toyota Celica GT Rally Tracassin Tracon - Air Traffic Control Simulator Traders Traffic Department 2192 Train Escape to Normandy Transarctica Transport Tycoon Deluxe Transworld Transylvania Trauma Treasure Island Treasure Trap Treasures of the Savage Frontier Treehouse Trek Trekboer Trigger Trilogy - 3 Mind Stretching Adventures Triplane Turmoil Triskelion Tristan - Solid State Pinball Trivial Pursuit Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Troddlers Trog Troika Troll's Tale Trolls Tron Tronic Trump Castle Trump Castle 2 Trump Castle 3 Trust and Betrayal - The Legacy of Siboot Tube Tubes Tubular Worlds Tunnel Man Tunnels and Trolls Tunnels of Armageddon Turbo Turbo Champions Turbo Cup Turbo Outrun Turn It Turn It 2 Turoid Turrican 2 Twilight 2000 Twilight Treasures Twilight Zone Twilight's Ransom Twin Blok Twins Twinsens Odyssey Typhoon of Steel Tyrian Udoiana Raunes Udoiana Raunes - In Search for Indiana Jones 4 UFO - Enemy Unknown Ugh! Ulises Ultima 0 - Akalabeth Ultima 1 Ultima 2 Ultima 3 Ultima 4 Ultima 5 Ultima 6 Ultima 7 Part 1 Ultima 7 Part 2 Ultima 8 Ultima Underworld 1 Ultima Underworld 2 Ultimate Cards Ultimate Gin Ultimate Soccer Manager Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 Ultimuh UltraBots Ultris - The Ultimate Tetris UMS 2 - Nations at War Uncharted Waters Uninvited Universe Universe 3 Unlimited Adventures Unnatural Selection Unnecessary Roughness Unreal Untima 9 - Descension Untouchables Up 'n Down Up Periscope! Uridium Urthwurm URW Utopia - The Creation of a Nation V for Victory - Arnhem V for Victory - Normandy V for Victory - Utah Beach V for Victory - Velikiye Luki V-Wing Valhalla Vampiric Tower Vampyr - Talisman of Invocation Vanguard Ace - Vertical Madness Vaxine Vectorball Vegas Bandit Vegas Gambler Vegas Pack - Black-Jack Veil of Darkness Velcro Mind Vengeance of Excalibur Veritech - Variable Flight Simulator Vette! Video Poker Vier Gewinnt Vigilance on Talos 5 Vikings Vinyl Goddess from Mars Virtuoso Virus Visions of the Aftermath - The Boomtown Viz Vlak Volfied Volleyball Simulator Voodoo Girl - Queen of the Darned Voodoo Island Vorona Vroom Wacky Funsters! The Geekwad's Guide to Gaming Wacky Wheels Wall Pipe Walls of Bratock Walls of Rome War War College War Eagles! War Games in a Maze War in Middle Earth War in Russia War in the Gulf War Inc. War Planets - Age of Chaos Warcraft - Orcs and Humans Warcraft 2 - Tides of Darkness Wargame Construction Set Wari - The Ancient Game of Africa Warlords Warlords 2 Warlords 2 Deluxe Warriors of Legend Warship Wasteland Waterloo Waterputer Waxworks Wayne Gretzky Hockey Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3 Waynes World We're Back! A Dinosaurs Story Weird Dreams Welltris Western Front - The Liberation of Europe 1944-1945 Wheel of Fortune 1 Wheel of Fortune 2 Wheel of Fortune 3 When Two Worlds War Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego Enhanced Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Enhanced Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego Whiplash White Death Whizz Who Framed Roger Rabbit Wibarm Wide World of Sport Boxing Wild Life Wild Science Arcade Wild Streets