IA Launcher

Download IA Launcher

Step 1: Download DOSBox

IA Launcher uses DOSBox, so install this DOS emulator first. Click here to go to the DOSBox download page and click the big green download button. Note: if you're on Windows, IA Launcher expects DOSBox to be installed in C:\Program Files (x86) so please use this as the install location.

Step 2: Download IA Launcher

Now that you have installed DOSBox, there are multiple ways to install IA Launcher.


Click here to download the 64-bit Windows installer, then doubleclick the file to run it. It will install IA Launcher for your current user (no administrator privileges required) and add an entry to the Start menu.


Open up a terminal and type the following command:

$ pip3 install ialauncher
This will install IA Launcher directly from PyPi. After installation, you can start IA Launcher by typing the following command:
$ ialauncher

Source code

Click here to view the source code of IA Launcher on GitHub.